The Big 2: The Food!

We really wanted to serve some GREAT food this year for Lilli’s party, and when we were trying to come up with the theme for the day I decided to talk to Blue Coast Burrito and see how much they charge for catering. One of the favorite parties we’ve ever been to was a going away party for an old coworker of mine that he had catered Mexican style. Besides just being a fun night the food was great and it was just so different than the usual BBQ, burgers, or pizza.

Honestly, they weren’t cheap (AT ALL), but since we were saving on location and since pretty much everything else I bought was half off since it was off season for a summer party, I didn’t mind spending a lot on food. And we decided to have it delivered (also not cheap, at all) but it was SO worth it. They were perfectly on time and everything came in hot and was completely set up by the Blue Coast guy.
As soon as he set out the chips our little Blue Coast fan was all over it and wouldn’t leave the kitchen!And everything looked SO delicious once it was set out! And my house smelled like Blue Coast, one of my favorite smells!!!#1 Burrito Fans!They provided all their own serving utensils, plates, cups, and also all the same little salsa containers and chip boats you get at the restaurant. It was really just like being there! (But we used all the pretty party things instead and are saving theirs for other less festive occasions!)
Lilli and Julia hanging out in the kitchen while we got everything ready!Time to Eat!! We cleared off all the crafts off the kiddie tables in the living room, so many of the kids ate in there or in the dining room. I was surprised we actually ended up having room for everyone!The food was DELICIOUS and I’d recommend Blue Coast in a heartbeat. We ended up with a ton of leftover salsa, rice and beans, but not really all that much meat. I think we’ve eaten leftovers for 2-3 meals and are pretty much done with the actual meat. But for this week I’ve got a couple of recipes lined up to get rid of the rest of the leftovers – a black bean soup for one night should help us with some of the black beans!!

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