Valentines Dressy

When I ordered Lilli’s birthday party outfit I went ahead and got a little Valentines skirt for her, too. Kelley was having a $10 sale on the skirts and I just couldn’t pass it up! And it’s really not exclusively Valentines so she’ll be able to wear it for other stuff and for next year as well.

I gave Brent one of my pretty tulips I had decorating the table to use as a prop and I think it turned out so cute.

Sweet little silly face! Her hair is really finally starting to grow.
Running up the street. She’s got quite the stride!
She likes to do everything herself, including pulling her pants and skirt WAY on up!
Playing a little peek-a-boo in the yard after nap. It’s finally been really nice weather lately. I hope I can go ahead and pack up all the coats, hats and scarves.
Silly kids.
For our Family Valentines Date out we went to Blue Coast Burrito, our favorite of course!! Lilli is a burrito ordering fool.
Afterwards we went to Target so we could get a few things and I finally found a pair of their little rainboots in her size. She wears the XS in rainboots, and I don’t know if it’s just that they don’t make as many that small or they’re so popular but they’ve been impossible to find. I wanted her to try them on to make sure they fit (mostly because I didn’t want to waste $16 on them since I get most of her shoes used for $5 and less!).
And once they came on they literally didn’t come off. She was so incredibly proud of them that she showed them to most everyone in the store and got a TON of laughs since she walked around the whole time with the tags on them.
And it was quite a hoot dangling her over the scanner so we could check them out, too!

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