Arts and Crafts

We’ve been doing lots of arts and crafts during this loooong winter. Lilli loves anything artsy like painting, coloring, drawing, etc. She’s got a serious creative streak. Michaels always has great stuff in their $1 bins that makes for fun and easy little projects she can mostly do on her own. Before Valentines I picked up a little Snoopy glitter kit.

Basically it had two little Snoopy cut-outs where you peel off several stickers and then pour glitter over the exposed area to create the pattern. This was our first glitter experience and WOW. The glitter. Everywhere. Still.She had a great time pouring the layers – it came with 3 different colors but they were so similar she ended up blending them together a lot but she had a blast with it.
But did I mention the glitter??? Fine little glitter, all over her, me, the floor and pretty much all over the entire house since glitter travels like sand.
But she had a blast and much like all the leaves that fall from our Christmas tree it will eventually be out of our house in time for the next glitter project.
We also worked on her Thank-You cards last week from all her birthday gifts and finally got them mailed out today. (Actually I had Brent put them out at the post box yesterday but we forgot about Presidents Day.) I had Lilli draw a picture for each person (of whatever she wanted) in each card and she got to decorate it with stickers or just whatever. One person got a bunch of Santa stamps in theirs. She mostly drew Daddy, Mommy, and Pippin but one card had Sharks and there were a few other random illustrations from only within her mind. Her other latest trick is “signing” her name – she the “sticks” above and below the butterfly below. (Sorry, Blogger can’t figure out how to rotate this one.) She knows her name is several sticks and normally she will draw 5 straight sticks if you ask her to sign her name. (For some reason on this one she did 4 sticks). How many kids can already write their name at the age of 2???
And that’s exactly why we gave her the easiest name ever to write!! She can name all her colors now, several shapes, is pretty good with counting and can identify quite a few letters of the alphabet. And I don’t have a clue how many words she knows because I feel like she knows them ALL and likes to use every last one of them in the car when I’m driving.

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