It’s officially my favorite time of the year! Consignment season has started and is now in full swing. Over the next few weeks I’ll probably hit about 10-12 different sales to get all of Lilli’s clothes for this spring/summer (as well as some things like jeans for her to grow into this fall.) Probably about 80% of everything she wears comes from consignment sales. I hit my first sale last Friday at lunch with “the ladies”. There’s a group of 4 of us who like to hit the sales and get things for our kids/grandkids. It’s so much and we have the best time comparing our great deals and making sure we find whatever it is we’re out looking for. Last Friday’s sale was a really small one, but only 3 miles from work and we all found at least a couple of things so it was worth it. There’s one HUGE difference about this season versus all the prior ones – Lilli is WAY into everything I am bringing home. I got 10 different things (for $21) and she wanted to check out every last one of them. Before I knew what was happening she was stripping down and wanted to wear her bunny shirt with a swimsuit on top and her new sparkle shoes. And man, she was PROUD of her new threads!
Any time she’s especially happy with an outfit or thinks she’s looking super cute she starts twirling and putting on a show for us.
And Pippin just runs along for the ride!
Saturday night she wanted to wear nothing but her raincoat, rainboots and walk around with her umbrella. And it was a really nice day outside! I have no clue where these moods strike her from but it is pretty hilarious.

I hit another major sale at lunch today with 2 of the other ladies and ended up with 21 things for $65. I mostly go to this sale for play clothes and pajamas, and I ended up getting a really nice number of PJs for this spring and summer as well as several good pairs of shoes and a few toys. Lilli LOVES fire trucks and I was able to get a couple of fire trucks for her (normally really hard to find) as well as some Hot Wheels (also usually hard to find). They had a lot of good toys today but their clothing wasn’t as strong as it’s been in the past, but I was happy to get the PJs and other things I got. Of course Lilli spotted one of the fire trucks the second she got in the car and ended up spending a good portion of tonight in mis-matching pajama pieces.

At least she shares my love of used clothes!

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