Happy Birthday Luke!

Last Saturday morning we were invited to Peek-A-Boo Playtown to celebrate Luke’s third birthday. PAB is up in Hendersonville and is a little indoor play place with all kinds of stuff for kids – kitchens, tools, cars and trucks, dinosaurs, a slide and so on. We had never been before (mainly because stuff like that is so packed on the weekends) so it was fun to try it out. (Lilli is in pink on the climbing blocks.)

Luke is the little boy in the middle. We didn’t take many pictures and since there was another party going on as well as just people there for open play we didn’t get any good close-ups of him so I stole this off his mom’s facebook page. Oops!Taylor was cracking us up trying to get into the fire truck car. Several of the ones Lilli’s age were scooting around in them so he wanted to as well. He just couldn’t hardly get those long legs in there.And then once he didn’t he couldn’t move them to get the car going anywhere.
The kids got to play for a while and then had cake and juice.The other party also did their cake at the same time so once the little ones were done eating it was a great time for them to play without so many other children out there. And I don’t think they minded not watching Luke open his presents.Lilli enjoyed playing in the kitchen and also really loved the train table. She could play with cars and trucks all day. I guess I have instilled good cooking habits in her since she knows to use an oven mitt!It was no shocker to us that she wouldn’t want to go. We chased her around for 5 minutes trying to lure her to leave of her own free will but that was for sure a no-go. We got quite the good little fit on the way to the car. I think she had a good time at Luke’s party!!!
And I think it wore her out nicely!

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