Another Fiesta!

Sunday was a super busy day for us. I went to Kristi’s shower for baby Cole Sunday afternoon. It was right during Lilli’s nap time so Brent stayed home and mowed the yard while she napped and I got some out-of-the-house girl time. I forgot my camera so I stole this one off Kristi’s blog of the girls from our Sunday school class that were there. She got lots of cute stuff for Cole!Our small groups have broken up into even smaller groups as part of a study we’ve been doing on Max Lucado’s latest book so Sunday night Suzanne invited us up to her house for small group. And since Brent is still playing with a couple new toys he brought his nice camera gear and was the paparazzi for the evening.

Maggie (Suzanne’s dog) and I were instantly BFFs.
Of course Lilli was a huge Maggie fan as well. When we got home I asked her if she had fun and her answer was “Yes! Doggie!”.
Suzanne cooking in the kitchen, Lilli right there in the action. Pretty much just like it is at home!
And then over to Cara’s lap to watch a movie!
Suzanne planned a Mexican fiesta for the party and was so sweet to get a pinata for the kiddos to break. It was such a perfect night outside for it too!
Levi went first whacking at the pinata. This was seriously the sturdiest pinata EVER.
Then Micah –
Getting some force into it!
Lilli wouldn’t have anything to do with it – I think because too many people were watching or who knows. For whatever reason she got all shy about it.
After letting the kids hit it a few rounds and not getting anywhere the adults took a few turns. This was a SERIOUS pinata!!! Suzanna took a crack at it –

Then Cara – I’m thinking she has played some softball in the past – she had a serious swing!!!

Lynda took a whack –
And back around to Suzanne – FINALLY after some serious swatting each point was starting to come off

Much like true church kid fashion these sweet kiddos didn’t have a clue what to do. They just stood there as candy fell to the ground – no pushing or fighting and all Lilli could say was “Oh NO! Broke!!!”. Ha!! At least next time she’ll know what’s supposed to happen! The remaining part of the pinata did make a great hat!

Finally the kids realized this stuff was C – A – N – D – Y !!
Tootsie roll in mouth! I just love this little halter top. The same lady from Etsy who makes a lot of her special dresses also made this. She knew I loved a shirt she had made for her daughter with this fabric and when she found more of it she let me know. It’s some sort of rare discontinued designer fabric but it has little doggies all over it including a Pippin so Lilli just loves it. And of course “THE-SHOES” are on (but thankfully they match this outfit)!!!
The kids playing in the house – it’s not a blurry pic, this is just what they really looked like. Lots of hopping and jumping and running and climbing!! She had a ball with Levi, except Brent didn’t care for the couple of times he put the moves on her! Ha HA! =)
And of course “torturing” Maggie while she was in her crate during dinner.
We had a great time at Suzanne’s and the food was delicious! She made a Mexican beef skillet dish and a great Chicken Enchilada Lasagna dish. Everything was SO good and we ate way too much. Lilli had a blast between the candy and watching a movie and playing with Micah and Levi, of course Maggie!!! She seriously loves a party and socializing with people! Thanks for having us over Suzanne!!!

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