Good Eats

Mmmmm, Spaghetti night!!! Always a big hit until it gets in our eyes.We really have had a lot of good meals lately.

Brent said this casserole was about the best one he’d ever had (we’re really not casserole people). I used small shell pasta instead of mac, one cream of mushroom soup instead of 2 chicken ones, added some frozen broccoli to up the veggie intake and also some fresh garlic (which Brent said made the dish and I agree). I also baked it covered for 45 and uncovered for 15.

We really liked this meatloaf. It was so easy – I mixed it all up the night before so when we got home from work we just had to pop it in the oven. I did add a dash of Tabasco and followed the hints for the ketchup-honey-Worch glaze. We also use an organic lean beef so it’s not so greasy.

This Indian chicken recipe was also delicious. It was probably the closest to Indian restaurant food we’ve ever gotten. I already had all these spices on hand from previous Indian recipes, so it wasn’t a stretch for us to make this and Lilli really liked it too!! She’ll eat most anything mixed with rice and it wasn’t spicy-hot. Next time I would cook the chicken less upfront and let it cook more in the sauce, but every meal gets interrupted a million times as I’m cooking for potty visits and all sorts of other “needs”.
This fancy mac n cheese was just Ok. I like that it had spinach in it, and it had a good taste but just wasn’t great. The bacon totally made the dish. All the specialty cheeses made it an expensive dinner (relatively) so it really isn’t something you could whip up on a whim.

Our latest crock pot recipe for this week was one we’ve done before – Chicken n Dumplings. Super easy and always good. Not as good as from scratch ones, but wonderful to come home to dinner pretty much already finished.

Tonight we had this delicious grilled marinated flank steak. It was absolutely delicious and perfect!!! I marinated the flank steak all day and then Brent tossed it on the grill when he got home. Flank is one of our favorite cuts of steak, and we usually use it for fajitas. Tonight we just ate it “straight” with some rice and veggies on the side. We’ll for sure be making this recipe again.
The cherry trees in our neighborhood have been so beautiful this week!
The temperatures early in the week were so nice. It’s been great getting to play outside after dinner. We’ve been working on our numbers and letters outside and “running” the numbers. She is doing SO great with them. Earlier this week she called “J” umbrella, hilarious.
We also did some yoga earlier in the week. She loves any kind of physical activity so I thought we’d try a few moves and she did really, really great.
I need to see if I can find a Kids Yoga DVD or maybe a mommy and me routine.
I think Pippin enjoyed the show.

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  1. K says:

    The food recipes plus your review on each was very helpful and the yoga–cutest thing

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