Tuesday night Brent left work a little early and we headed over to the west-side of Nashville to go to the funeral home to attend the visitation services for Julia’s dad. We were able to beat the worst of rush hour and get there in pretty reasonable time. At least I think we were there, mostly I remember taking Lilli to the bathroom at least three times with the final time ending in her and I having a war over who was going to hold the bathroom door open. I’d say it was a draw since she got lots of attention by screaming at the top of her lungs but I was able to pick her up and remove her from the bathroom. However, she did win the initial battle of what shoes to wear – her current favorite coral shoes that she HAD to wear socks with or the world would end, none of which matched the casual pink dress she was wearing. I’m already watching for Stacey and Clinton from the show What Not to Wear to jump out from behind some shrubbery and whisk her away to NYC. Socks with sandals. I really didn’t think I’d see the day.

Most of her fits were because she was truly hungry. After visiting with Adam, Julia and Ella Kate we ate dinner at the Loveless Cafe. It’s a “Nashville tradition” but since it’s really not close to anything we ever do, we’ve never eaten there. Our dinner started out horribly – Lilli was past reason and was just screaming bloody murder and I was about 30 seconds from just placing a to-go order but our nice waitress brought us out some of their world famous biscuits asap and peace and quiet came quickly afterwards. I think it was seriously the worst she’s ever behaved at a restaurant in the last 26 months.
However, this hungry hippo wasn’t about to share ANY of the biscuits with us. She seriously ate like this until we could get a second plate for Brent and I.
The food was just ok. I had catfish and Brent had meatloaf. It was good food but nothing exceptional and our total tab for 2 adults, 1 kid and 1 sweet tea ended up at $39 and it surely wasn’t worth that.
Our cherry tree has been SO pretty this week!
The new lunch box I ordered for Lilli came in this week and she and I both love it. When I got it out of the package she pretty much loaded up her entire snack shelf in it and carried it around that evening.
It’s a great size and I may order one for myself. It easily holds the various little rubbermaid containers I send with her food each day and it’s also insulated with side pockets for me to stuff any of her papers, etc in.
She also went crazy over the $2 Disney princess pajamas I found for her that day at a consignment sale. These are her 3 favorite princesses – Belle, “Sleepy Booty” and “Cinderella Princess”. All she really knows about them is from some underwear she has, but it’s enough to make her a fan!

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