Changing of the Seasons

Thursday night’s outfit of choice – the black shirt she wore to school that day + her orange tutu and a new pair of sandals I got her on consignment this week – they’re also pink but have a big glittery heart on them (she’s really into naming her shapes right now)! I’m hoping they may unseat the coral pair of sandals as her top pick!!The couple of nice, warm days we had earlier in the week caught me off guard and I’ve decided I really need to start swapping out Lilli’s closet from all winter to a mix of clothes. It’s a massive undertaking of packing up things that won’t fit next year and storing things that will (there’s actually a LOT of things she can wear from year to year – this winter she wore some 12M stuff up to a few 2T things). 18M pants are still her best fit. After all, she’s only 24.2 pounds !!!!
I’ve stored away the things she’ll be able to wear again next year in her toybox, and boxed up some of the fleece and corduroy things that just shouldn’t be worn in late March. And I’ve started sorting through all the spring and summer things to start washing and hanging up. She really does have an insane amount of clothing (but it’s all very organized once I’m done!!!) Of course there was someone who was VERY interested in helping me!
She did make it a little hard for me to pack things away for next winter in the toy box!
She loves hiding right now and we play lots of hiding games. Tonight when Brent ran out to get us a pizza for dinner we saw him pulling back into the garage and hid under the kitchen table. She just couldn’t contain it and started squealing as soon as he came in the back door.
I have decided this summer I’m going to have to move dresses up to the top row of her closet alongside the PJs – they’re starting to be long enough that they sweep down on top of the toy box and all the extra clothes I store in the bottom of her closet!
Somehow you’d think with so many options she could at least come up with a few things that matched though!

And a video from this week of this crazy kid. Naturally she has her shirt tucked into her princess underwear and a mouth full of jellybeans but she has something important to say!

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