Pippin’s Day

What a night, another night of storms and not much sleep around here. Lilli was in and out of our bed all night long and that means horrible sleep for all of us. She first woke up when the first round went through at 11:30, and when I went in to grab her Pippin was stretched out asleep in her room! He does that all the time and we’ll hear his snoring over the baby monitor. I think she was in our bed until around 2:45 when she got the boot out and then back in around 4:45 until she and Brent got up. Pippin slept good all night, and Lilli was so sweet to him this morning and gave him her lovie while he was still asleep in his bed.We’ve been trying to talk to her about Pippin not feeling good and being extra gentle with him. She thought it was pretty much wonderful that he got to ride to school with her today, then Brent dropped him off at the vet for his tests. The abdominal ultrasound showed two large masses on his stomach, one of them is between the stomach and small intestine and the other one is near some organ I’ve never heard of. It would be really difficult to remove the tumors and for his stomach to still function properly, they got our approval to do a biopsy on it and we would know exactly what it is and how to best proceed. The doc thinks it’s lymphoma, so he could possibly undergo chemo/radiation. We just have to know exactly what this is first, and then there’s the challenge of if there’s any protocols or doctors in the area that could work on him. She did have good news regarding his platelets and they are in good shape so he can still clot well, but his red blood count is very low and there’s not really anything they can do about it until the cause of the bleeding in his stomach is determined.
But once again he is amazing the vets with his energy level, he shouldn’t be as active as he is for the shape he’s in and even after the long day he had of being poked and prodded he was more than happy to clean up under Lilli’s chair after dinner tonight, and he still wanted to hang out with us after dinner while we played in her room.
The poor thing had to be shaved for the tests today!! He has a long “racing stripe” down his back of fur. He’s definitely more sleepy tonight as the anethesia is still wearing off. It will be about 48 hours (Friday) before we have results back.
Until then, he’s getting spoiled and getting anything he wants! He has to take 3 pills twice per day each, so he’s getting some nice spoonfuls of peanut butter and cheese stuffed with pills.

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