Dark, ‘Under, and ‘Onados

Lilli has just become obsessed with storms this season, probably because we’ve had so many this year. On bright, sunny days she’ll ask if there’s going to be ” ‘under” (thunder) or o-nadoes (tornadoes). This morning was about the closest one we’ve had so far! Sometime around 4-something I heard rolling thunder and lightning and pretty much groaned knowing Lilli would soon be waking up and end up in our bed (again) meaning I’d have horrible sleep with her on top of me twitching and kicking. Before I could even start to think about getting up the storm absolutely hit us, the power went out (seriously the first time in years that has happened) and we went running to grab her as hail started pelting out house. Through the transoms I could see the wind just snapping the trees around as Brent got the bicycles out of the only windowless area in our house (the understairs closet). These old houses are obviously sturdy, but since they were built for light before electricity and ventilation before air conditioning they aren’t built with tornadoes in mind!Pippin was freaking out in another part of the house so Brent finally got him in the closet with us as the hail beat on the roof. All the hail sliced the little sunflowers Lilli and I had been growing for her teachers as gifts.

Of course Brent had to get out once it had started to pass with the good camera and get lots of pictures. Lilli and I did her alphabet flashcards by flashlight in the closet. Once we were in the closet she really wasn’t scared anymore.

There was brush down all in our yard, and one of our chimney caps was in the middle of 17th and got pretty beat up. Our cypress tree out front really got shredded – fronds are all over the house, sidewalk and street making it look more like fall than spring. And we had just planted the azaleas last night and they got pelted with hail and the hackberry in the back shredded all over the new patio and deck!
East Nashville was really the only area hit and was all over the news today. Major trees down on every street and Brent said Shelby looked absolutely terrible. This one was down on our street a couple of blocks away.
Big old tree, downed by the roots. Our power came back on around 5:30 so luckily I could still grab a shower before work.
And just because she’s so cute!
AND she’s having a big week! This was her second day at school in big girl undies, no accidents! We’ve been having her wear them here at home all the time for probably around two months, and are now taking her out of the house in them as well since she really does very good with it. Way to go big girl!!!!

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