Visit from the Grandparents

About a week and a half ago my parents came up to help Brent with the “mud pit” aka the new patio. It was a little bit of a rainy/misty Saturday but we made the most of it and got a lot done outside. Luckily the large hackberry in the back provides a lot of sun and rain shade. For lunch we made some open face sandwiches and Mom and Lilli chopped up some strawberries from their garden for dessert.The guys were “working hard” or “hardly working”? They got the rest of the pit dug out, the fabric down and used all the gravel we had.

Hanging out with Grandpa after eating lunch.
While Lilli took her afternoon nap the side yard between us and Mark became our project. This area by our cellar entrance has always been a major eye sore and a dumping ground. The steel stairwell had been laying there for nearly 3 years before I drug it out the alley recently, and it was time for this area to get some attention! We raked up all the leaves and trash, and pulled all the weeds.
The finished product! I had bought two hostas and then Mom divided some of hers and brought them up here. This was right after we were finished, the rain we’ve had since then has cleaned off the sidewalk and the hostas are growing nicely in their new home. I’m also going to plant some small shade flowers in front of them for this summer while they’re still spreading and to add some color.
I think Mom and I had a very productive nap-time!
The guys project at the end of the day:
Of course there had to be some bicycle riding since Dad had a new road bike to show off. As he and Brent were loading up to ride a certain smaller cycling enthusiast wasn’t about to be left behind. And it was all worth it to her since a train was coming through Shelby Bottoms as they biked through!
It looks like we’re in for more storms tonight, good thing the bikes are still in the foyer from two days ago. A lot of our neighbors still don’t have power, and every news broadcast since Tuesday morning has had reporters standing around in our neighborhood! Even this afternoon there was a reporter broadcasting less than two blocks from us, and this morning I told Brent to turn it on because I went past one standing about five blocks from us. And the helicopters were showing footage overhead this morning as I went to work. “Power Man!” is one of Lilli’s new phrases for all the electric trucks circling around as well. By this afternoon all the traffic lights in our neighborhood were back up and running and hopefully the rest of the power will be restored soon.
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