Today, Cicadas, Dinner with Friends

This has not been my favorite week and I think I say that a lot lately. Three nights we’ve had little sleep due to storms – last night it was after midnight before we really went to sleep and when you get up at 5 am, three nights of about 4-5 hours of sleep is just exhausting. And then the day got even better when my tire looked like this this morning:

That’s a very, very large nail in my tire. Brent heard me driving on it while we was out in the backyard and I made it about a block and when my phone started ringing I was actually starting to think something was wrong with my car. So Brent started his day doing this:

At first we weren’t sure if I just had a leak or something in it, so he aired it back up out front and we pulled in the garage and saw the big nail. He had actually suggested I take the air compressor with me to work and if it was flat when I left that I just air it back up to get home. Is this the outfit of someone who wants to do that? I think not, so he put the spare on and took my tire with him today and had it patched, along with new brakes for his car and a patch for a tire of his that is leaking slowly as well as an oil change down in LaVergne where we like to have our cars worked on (near his office). Expensive automative day for us.
About two weeks ago, the same weekend Mom and Dad were here, we treated Lilli to a $1 strawberry lemonade. She was in heaven!
This was also when cicadas were really hatching out of their shells and all over everything in the yard. Now it’s the full grown, screaming ones everywhere so I kind of miss the shell ones!
She had a lot of fun collecting them and finding them all.
She likes to count them, and when she gets up to 19 she starts over again at 1.
There’s no telling what princess was upset about…..
This dress cracks me up, a nice little ’80s party look for a little diva!
That’s the night we had Adam, Julia and Ella Kate over for a little organic, local dinner party! Lilli was obsessed with Ella Kate. She’s named all her dolls “Ella Kate Roses” now. I have no clue where the Roses comes from.

And when I say obsessed I mean she didn’t give her a seconds peace! She also picked this outfit all herself which is why nothing matches.
It’s kind of hard to see in here, but I think Ella was giving Julia the “what in the world is in your lap” face! Well Pippin isn’t about to miss out on hanging out on the couch with the girls!
So glad tomorrow is a LONG weekend and maybe we can get some sleep, relax, and of course make our annual semi-famous ribs and hopefully hit up the Y-pool for the first time this season! I can’t wait!
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