Hair and Beauty Night

One morning a couple of weeks ago Lilli surprised Brent and had pulled a few games into her crib. When he went to wake her up she was just sitting there playing Memory. She loves to match things, or identify things that are the “same kind” right now. This was the day before we took away her pappy, so probably the last time you will ever see one of her with it in!

That same day Alison (on the left) took us all out to lunch – at Maggie Moo’s! I didn’t get one of me and Angela for some reason, just Alison and Kirsten.And that same day the Kids buyer I work with sent home this awful product submission for Lilli. It’s seriously a huge box of basically colored packing peanuts you’re supposed to form into crafts. Awful. But I knew she’d have a blast squishing them and just making a mess with them.
She did figure out the best thing to do with them though….
Lightning bugs should really avoid our yard this year. Much torture.
For some reason she wanted me to fix her hair in a ponytail and a couple of her dolls that have “real” hair.
Then she wanted me to repaint our toes, so I did. This time she wanted more of a bright red and I stuck with my current plum.
And just as we were wrapping up, Brent had the misfortune of coming through. Lilli wanted to paint his toes, so we let her. And by painting his toes I mean she painted his toes, nails and everything else in-between.
The finished product – Ta Da!

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