Father’s Day

A few more pictures from Father’s Day….

I forgot to really get any pictures of Brent opening his presents. Lilli was really trying to open all of them for him, and then for one of his gifts I made him a tin of assorted chocolates from The Peanut Shop down in the Arcade (love that place!) so we were all more interested in sampling than in picture taking!We’ve been updating Lil’s room to be more “big girl”. Gone is the changing table, we haven’t used that in ages. We rearranged and moved her dresser to that corner and got several cube-type bookshelves where we have her books, shoes and some other puzzles/toys. We’re weeding out other toys she’s outgrown or doesn’t play with anymore and just downsizing the junk.
She loves to take pictures. She does a pretty good job too!
She enjoys taking pics of herself – and will even cheese for the camera on her own.
Pool time!! It was a very cloudy/scattered rainy Father’s Day but we went anyway and luckily the storms all went around. But it was kind of chilly in the pool! The kids didn’t seem to care…
I found her this princess floatie at Walgreens and she wouldn’t put it down.

The sadness when the pool closes for the day! She got really close to going down the kiddie waterslide but changed her mind at the last minute again. Brent did go down the big one a few times!!

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