Zoo, Part 1

Brent took way too many cute pictures at the zoo for me to get them all in one post!

The Meerkats are always a fave of ours. The zoo is near the airport flight path so when the airplanes would fly over they’d all pop up and look at them.The Reptile house was a big hit with our bug lover. She wanted to make sure she saw each and every frog, lizard, fish or snake.
It’s nice that she’s finally tall enough to stand/climb on things to see in!
I hope she never wants one of these.
I’m so glad we brought the stroller so we could push no one in it. (She did occasionally take a break and ride in it, but only once we were all boiling hot and tired.) We basically never use a stroller, when we pulled it out of the car the basket was loaded with hoodies and fleece.
Brent and Lilli in front of the zebras. Except I forgot to make sure you could actually see the zebras.
You can’t tell in any of the pictures but the outfit she picked out to wear is a little Gymboree safari dress with zebras, lions and elephants on it. She has also confiscated my new small pink slap watch and kept it on pretty much all day.
She loves flamingos and was so excited to see them. Luckily the main bathroom was near there so we saw them about 4 times.

We just can’t keep up with her anymore! The zoo wasn’t too crowded since it was a Friday and about a billion degrees. Fridays are buy one get one free and the lady said she wouldn’t charge us for Lilli (very nice!) so it was actually a fairly cheap day.
Brent said he took this one to “show how frizzy both out hairs were”. Gee thanks.
The petting zoo is always a fave for her anywhere we go. This cute little baby goat was so friendly.

The other goats weren’t quite as outgoing as the baby one, but still didn’t mind getting a little bit of attention.

This one was cracking me up standing on top of the fence.

This goat was not my favorite – he did actually try to bite Lilli. It didn’t scare her much though, she just kept on petting and brushing other ones.
Part 1!

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1 Response to Zoo, Part 1

  1. Angie says:

    Lovely pics!! I love the zoo too.. especially SD Zoo! Your daughter is a cutie!

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