Dragons and Weddings

The weekend of 9/9-9/11 was a busy one. Friday night we went to Gabby’s for some burgers (except Lilli who won’t eat red meat….she had their grilled PB&J. That kid is just so heart conscience.). It was a nice evening so afterward we went over to Dragon Park. I love Centennial Park but their bathrooms are the most disgusting thing imaginable, so they are kind of off my play list for the next million years. Dragon Park has much nicer bathrooms!They also have several large play sets…and of course the giant dragon mosaics to play and climb on.
I’ve seen a lot of really nice formal portraits done with them as the backdrop since the colors all pop so much.
There’s numerous slides, tunnels and things to climb and play on. It’s a great local spot for kiddos with ample (free!) street parking. Urban life is great.
That Saturday we went to our sweet friend Katie’s weddding. It was at a mansion of a local pediatric dentist in Brentwood, for parking you had to go to a church nearby and take a shuttle. Being 9-10-11 (the hottest wedding date this year), there were two wedding taking place at this mega church, and two different shuttles leaving from this church for events. We saw the fun trolley, got on it, realized we were in the wrong spot, and then got on the right bus. Oops.
They had an outdoor garden wedding. The house was spectacular and the set-up was gorgeous. Hands-down it was the nicest wedding we’ve ever been to. Children under 13 were not invited, so Lil was at home with her BFF babysitter Stephanie. We really could not ask for a better babysitter. Lilli (and Pippin) get SO excited when she’s here and they do all kinds of fun stuff together. She always takes her across to the playground, they go for walks, and this time Stephanie asked if we would mind if she took her out to dinner. We put Lil’s carseat in her car and this time her husband came along and Lilli was their third wheel. They went to a local seafood restaurant and had a blast. Lilli was talking about Ryan for DAYS.
The bride being escorted in with her Dad. We all stood on either side of the pool. I have literally NEVER seen so many photographers at a wedding.
Her dad built this fake backdrop for the pool house. Those stained glass panels are on a fake brick wall that was moved later for the DJ area. It blended so well we had NO idea!
We didn’t know anyone else at the wedding, and we ended up being assigned to the table of a photographer who had done some modeling pictures of Katie (he and Brent got along great and I really enjoyed his wife – they also have a 2 yr old so we had plenty to talk about), and the parents and husband of her matron of honor – Lynette Cole, the former Miss USA who is originally from Columbia. We had already met her at a previous party of Katie’s, and she had also hosted her shower a few weeks ago, so we did already know her somewhat. Her dad is absolutely hilarious, and she spent a lot of time at our table that evening as well. We had a blast.
The food was delicious! The rib eye even had their initials carved in each steak. Seriously, no detail was overlooked. The table setting were gorgeous and it was such a nice night. They had hired a dance instructor from The Wildhorse to teach line dancing. When it was time for them to leave we all had to hold the giant sparklers. I don’t like fire, and I don’t like being around lots of people with fire, but for Katie and her massive entourage of photographers I manned up. It all turned out great and was really pretty beautiful.
All in all, it was one beautiful wedding and we’re so happy for our friend! It had been cloudy and overcast all day, and we were so glad it didn’t rain on their event. Literally when we got about 10 minutes from home it started pouring down so hard we could barely see the lines on the interstate – talk about some great timing!

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