A few more pictures from the weekend of 9/9-9/11…..

Every Sunday morning after Sunday School Lilli has to ride all the little riding toys outside the classroom. It takes us forever to leave….This little cow cracks us up – it used to be in her room and we remember the first time she was ever big enough to even get on it – now it looks so tiny!She wore an authentic Mexican dress I got at a consignment sale that day. She wasn’t really feeling a photo shoot that Sunday but we did get this sweet one.
We also went to the annual Greek Festival that weekend. Brent and I had been before, but it seems like we always forget or are gone on a trip when it’s taking place. This year we made it a priority to go. It’s only a $2 admission fee, and the couple of times we’ve been they don’t even have anyone taking it up. They have lots of booths of Greek items, a kids area, lots of Greek food and Greek dancing. The petting zoo area was probably the best one we’ve ever been to. It had tons of animals in a little fenced in area and they were SO gentle. Everything from little cows to a llama to bunnies and goats and sheep and even some chickens and ducks.
Lilli was in HEAVEN. We stayed in there forever, totally got our $3 worth!
She just ran back and forth to all the different animals petting and feeding them.
We watched the dancing while we ate our Greek food, Gyros for Brent and I and the authentic hot dog for Lilli. My Big Fat Greek Wedding is one of my all time favorite movies, and the dancing was straight out of the movie. So intimidating – I have no clue how they know all these different dances but it was so fun to watch.
Of course our tiny dancer tried to drag me out there a dozen times and we were always able to put her off – I would have been SO embarrassed trying to keep up with all these authentic Greek people. She was so insistent though that I did finally let her drag me up there but luckily just as we got there the band took a break. It didn’t matter to Lilli though – she still got out there on the empty floor and showed off some of the moves she had seen! At least the people still hanging around got a nice intermission show!

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