Lions and More!

On the 17th we took Lilli on another big outing – her very first movie in the theater!

For Christmas I had been given a book of certificates for the movies. Brent and I really NEVER go to the movies – literally the last time we went to the theater was January 2008, to see a documentary on running marathons. We’re not into Hollywood and the prices are ridiculous. We’ve got a great home set-up, so there’s just no point in paying to go out and see movies.

Our passes expired in December, and Lilli is so into all things Disney right now that we decided to go ahead and use them and take her to see Lion King. Luckily she was still free, but the total for the two of us to see Lion King 3D on a Saturday night was $29. That’s just stupid. Our out of pocket ended up only being $1.Of course we had to get popcorn!! This was a huge treat for her – we don’t normally do popcorn at home because of the choking hazard to kids under 4, but for this occasion we let her pig on out!
I had forgotten how incredibly long all the trailer are! She kept asking for the lions, but other than that she was perfect. She absolutely loved the movie and was tossing punches during all the fight scenes and had no issues keeping her 3D glasses on the whole time. The next day at church and then at school on Monday she was telling everyone she got to see the lions.
Running out of the theater afterwards she was roaring at everyone. As much as I had wished something princess-y was playing she had a blast with the Lion King. Puss in Boots (from Shrek) is coming out in November so I think we’ll probably take her to that, too.
Sunday morning I woke up to this – my entire side of the closet had collapsed. Pippin never even barked about it when it happened! He’s not much of a guard dog. Our Sunday afternoon project was fixing all my shelves back. I blame Brent, he made me put a jacket on my side that had been hanging on his.
Lots of fun times on the playground on these pretty fall days…
Daddy’s glasses don’t work quite the same way as 3D glasses….
Working on her letters…she does a great job writing her name! (this is just her L).

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