Topsy Turvy Firetruck Taco Popsicles

One of Lil’s favorite games to play with “Daddy Brent” is to be hung upside down by her toes and “dropped” on the floor. She’s a daredevil and I’m glad that one day I’ll finally have someone to ride the scary roller-coasters with me!She could do this all.night.long. Often it’s used as bribery to get her to brush her teeth, pick up toys, etc.

It’s also a great way to capture just how curly her hair is!!! So many little ringlets, but I really need to get it styled and shaped up.
Contrast happy face with the “No firetruck” face. It’s always a bummer when the firemen are out putting out fires and not parked in front of the fire station.
Three sad kiddos.
Friday night we ate dinner at Taco Mamasita (delish!!). It cracks me up how much Lilli has changed since the last time we ate there. Nashville has so many restaurant to choose from that it can be a while before we circle back around. Our food was great, and afterwards we popped into one of the little children’s shops near it. Lilli was not impressed with the little hat Brent tried on. I was not impressed with their crazy prices.
Yes, she is wearing a Halloween shirt. She’s obsessed and is wearing Halloween gear most of the time. After dinner we stopped at Las Paletas for some popsicles. Their popsicles are the best, made of all fresh and natural ingredients. Some are creamy, but a lot are fruit based and are safe for Brent and Lilli to eat. She wanted an orange one, so she ended up with a really fresh tasting cantaloupe while I got a Nutella one.

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