TACA Art Festival

Last Saturday we met Adam, Julia and Ella over at Centennial Park for the TACA Craft Fair. The TACA Craft Fair isn’t your ordinary crafts festival. You have to be a member, so there’s no junky stuff or tacky toilet paper covers and jewelry made out of paper clips. Of course the downside is that everything is pretty expensive!

Halloween fever is in fever pitch, still. Both Friday and Saturday she wore Halloween outfits. Of course the pink sandals really made the outfit. Needless to say she got plenty of attention.Her favorite booth was these intricate little birdhouses with tiny little birds. The small ones were $12 and she wanted to touch each and every one. For the most part she did well with just “looking with our eye” and getting to hold things for (literally) ten seconds. There were some $129 wind-chimes made of antique silverware that made me nervous and she banged them around.
The girls on our hips….it’s the mommy workout!
Not a thing flattering for anyone in this pic….(and that mirror was over $3K!! Step away slowly….)
I think Lilli is flaunting her lemonade a bit….
Lover of ketchup and hot dogs.
Sound asleep and life is good! Although she did wake her up throwing a fit later…
None of us bought anything, other than food and lemonade. I appreciate nicer crafts, except for the price tag. Regardless of leaving with exactly what we came with we had a great time at the Craft Fair!

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