Sunday was free admission day at Cheekwood Gardens, sponsored by Regions bank. On Sundays they’re only open from 11-4:30, so with Lilli’s afternoon nap it made getting there a little hard. We ended up going straight after church and picking up Subway for a picnic lunch on the way there. It ended up working great, we got there soon after they opened and didn’t have any trouble getting a parking spot.I’d been wanting to take Lilli to the trains exhibit all summer and it just never worked out. For the main feature they’ve got this intricate train exhibit built with about 6 or 7 different trains running on small tracks. (On a side note, her dress is 100% adorable – it’s Burberry. Burberry! For kids!!)
The trains exhibit was huge with all the kiddos…..
Of course they had a Thomas….he was the big hit.
Many Tennessee landmarks, like the Cheekwood mansion, Graceland, and the Parthenon, were rebuilt in the little train city.

Of course she never wanted to leave to actually eat our lunch, but we finally drug her away to eat our sandwiches.

After we ate we walked through the Japanese gardens. She knows panda bears eat bamboo so she was excited to pull on real bamboo.

We walked through the always pretty color garden and there were a ton of butterflies to chase.
And then…a bee started chasing her. You can see it on the right, near her shoulder.
Some major overreacting. I am pretty sure the bee was way more scared of her!
The whole train set-up.
We swung back through the trains one last time before heading home for naptime. Naturally my child leaned over the tiny, tiny fence and derailed a train before I could grab her. Not our finest moment.
Watching from a MUCH safer distance.
We really only covered a small fraction of the gardens at Cheekwood, but our main purpose was just to see the trains. And since admission was free I didn’t feel bad skipping the museum and all of the lower gardens. Some other day (when she’s not tired and ready for a nap!) we’ll go back and do some nice family photographs, like the ones we took there when she was just three months old!

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