Things Girls Love

One night last week we met our friend Meredith out at Jeni’s Ice Cream for a little dessert and some catch-up time. She was one of the first people to come and meet Lilli (awww!), and even though she doesn’t go to our church anymore we try to take time every few months and at least meet up – for dinner, some time together at the fish fry, or at local events around town.Along with most of East Nashville, Lilli loves Jeni’s. They have some great sorbets that she and Brent both love. He has to get a larger size just because she eats so much!! It was great to catch up with Meredith, and our attempts at a group photo far past Lilli’s bed-time (on a school night, don’t tell her teachers!!) were nothing short of comical.
Someone just didn’t want to pose so we just had to take it into our own hands. Literally.
I don’t know how it even came up but Brent mentioned painting toes and fingers last week. She now has blue fingers and red toes.
I think this may be her first mani/pedi. We’ve painted toes a lot but I think this may be the first time we’ve done her fingernails. Considering she had already picked off her fingers before bedtime (and he had to re-do them before school the next morning….) I think regular manicures may not be on the agenda for a while.

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