More sleeping with her balloons….the early part of last week she’d get up after I put her in bed, find her balloons, and put them in bed with her. So funny.Our kitty cat, “Black”. We’re going to have to get a better name for him, soon. He waits around for us on the porch in the afternoon, and a lot of evenings he just sits on our porch staring towards our front door.
If Brent wasn’t allergic and Pippin wouldn’t lose his mind, that cat would be inside on this cold and rainy night.
We also decorated inside for Halloween last week. Lil loves all the little eyeballs, hands and other decorations everywhere. The lower things keep moving as she also “decorates”.
A lot of my eyeballs and pumpkins have ended up in her room or elsewhere.
Personal hygiene went up a notch today for picture day at school. She told us she smiled really big for the cameraman, and they gave all of them these little hairbrushes she was wild about.
Someone got into my lipstick. Nice.
Lilli’s grandparents were in town last Thursday so they came to visit her that afternoon and read stories and played. Pippin always enjoys a good visit as well.
Being little teapots? I’m not sure…I was still at work and Brent had taken off since Lilli’s school was closed for in-service.

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