Chattanooga, Part 1

Since Lilli’s daycare was closed Thursday and Friday for teacher in-service we decided to take a little fall trip to Chattanooga for a long weekend. We left around lunchtime so she’d sleep in the car and got to Chattanooga around 5 pm. We checked into our Hampton Inn and then went to a nearby mall. Those candy kiosks are only amusing to people who don’t have children.We had dinner at Panera and then headed back to our room. Sometimes it’s nice just to watch some cable, even if we are stuck on Disney and Sprout. Of course this is what happened when I took a shower and left Brent in charge….

I’d rather be at a Hilton, but Hampton still earns me Hilton points and has free breakfast! Baby Roses joined us for a lot of meals on this trip.
She’s always loved elevators, but her new favorite thing is standing in the door until everyone is safely in. This comes from daycare – being an urban kid means her daycare is on 5 levels – so multiple times each day they’re all loading into the elevator to go to the gym (3rd floor), the music class (2nd floor) or the rooftop play space (5th floor). It’s an “honor” to hold the door open, so with us she always gets the honor! I’m not even certain she weighs enough to block it if it did start to close!
So glad tomorrow is Friday!

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