Chattanooga, Part 3

After we had some lunch we walked over to the Creative Discovery Children’s Museum. This is the third Children’s Museum Lilli has been to (Chicago and Baltimore) and the smallest, but it was still nice. The first area is a water play area, nothing like getting them soaked before they do all the other exhibits!
She didn’t enjoy the 4 and under play area all that much, it was pretty juvenile.
Of course the annoying thing about a children’s museum is all the other kids whose parents let them pretty much run wild and get up in your space. I think Lilli’s face says it all. She’s not much on the older kids who try to “baby” her. She’s way too independent for that.
They had all kinds of musical instruments, play stages and areas for kids to be creative.

This pair of kids came through things like a tornado.
They even had a working bee area showing how bees make honey and run a hive.

On the roof they even had some play spaces complete with hula hoops.
In the lobby we saw a brochure for the Moon Pie store. It made it seem like a neat place, but it was just a small storefront with candy and some toys. Pretty disappointing, but we still got some Moon Pies and RCs!
When we were walking back towards our car we passed a theater. She got SO excited to see the Lion King poster. Last night she was telling me we were going to go back to the theater and see Lion King again and eat more popcorn. I tried telling her next time we’d see a different movie and she thought that was just hilarious.

Our aquarium passes were good for in and out all day, so we asked her if there was anything she wanted to see again and she wanted to visit the penguins. It was SO much more crowded than before, but the penguins were really active and putting on quite a show, zipping in and out of the water. We just sat back and let her watch as long as she wanted to.

We had a great time visiting the aquarium and downtown Chattanooga.

Tomorrow is DATE NIGHT!! We’re going to see Wicked at TPAC, it’s the Wicked Witch’s side of the story and we’ve never had a chance to see it yet. Lilli has a big evening planned too – Stephanie is coming to watch her and they’re going to make homemade pizzas and carve pumpkins. Brent said he might skip the musical and hang out here at home!!

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