Chattanooga, Part 5

The Final Chapter of Chattanooga!!! We made a last minute decision as we were leaving that we would have time to do Rock City and still be able to pick up Pippin before his doggie daycare closed. We knew she would really appreciate it, but she’s still free and even though I knew I’d probably have to carry her through most of it we decided to go for it. And, since it’s technically in Georgia and Georgia was a new state for her it was a good activity. This made state #12 for Lilli! (Tenn, Virginia, W Virginia, Kentucky, Kansas, Illinois, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Maryland, Delaware and Georgia!) I think early next year we’re going to be adding Florida and the Caribbean, but that’s another post!We got there fairly early but it was still pretty crowded (although nothing compared to when we left.) People seem to enjoy practically running through it (ridiculous since it’s $19/person), so we were constantly letting people go around us so we could enjoy our adventure and take pictures. Princess was in an ever changing mood, so sometime she was hamming it up and other times a sulky little diva.
It’s probably been about 12 years since Brent and I have been, and it really hasn’t changed a bit!
She liked all the caves and the narrow passages, we’d say “Get Skinny!” and suck it all in. I’m really not sure how some people make it through!
She wasn’t a bit scared of the swinging bridge, but that didn’t surprise me. She isn’t scared of much and just wouldn’t even know to have a fear of something like that.
Our only family photo and she was in a funk. It’s always interesting handing people Brent’s massive camera. Most of the time there’s not even good candidates of people who might be able to use it, so we don’t have very many good ones of the three of us.
See 7 states!

Get skinny! A woman behind us was all worried about fitting through, and she wasn’t even large.
Her favorite part was by far the “underground” Fairyland Caverns. She has a big love for wishing wells and loves throwing coins in there.
I remember seeing all this stuff when I was a kid, I think there’s even a picture of me similar to this in front of one of the windows somewhere in a photo album.

We spent forever in the big fairytale glow room at the end. It’s really quite odd, that room. We read each and every fairytale, a lot of them she already knows and sings about at home.
We came and we saw! It was a great little vacay and we definitely plan to do more long weekend trips to areas in driving distance. It was nice not messing with delayed flight and baggage restrictions for a change, although we will for sure not be cutting back on flying.
I am about one month away from another free flight with my Southwest Visa points and as Brent can tell you that will burn a hole in my pocket until I have it spent!

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