Halloween Baking

The Saturday before Halloween we did our annual cookie baking. We first baked when she was an itty in 2009, then again last year in 2010 and then this year she practically did it all herself.

Our sweet hands working together pictures includes her tattooed arm. She’s loving tattoos right now, currently one arm has a ladybug and the other has Ariel on it.I have a huge assortment of cookie cutters I got on Amazon with all seasons and some other ones. When we picked out all the Halloween ones she also wanted the football, a car, airplane and the letter E.

Being silly….
This is the moment the sprinkles came out. This kid loves some sprinkles.

Fewer sprinkles are ending up on the cookies each time and more are ending up in her mouth.
We always end up giving her a few last sprinkles in a bowl when we finish decorating. I think that’s why she enjoys making cookies so much!

Sprinkle Face.
Cookies going in! Have I ever mentioned how much I love my convection oven??? All three trays of cookies, baked perfectly at the same time. Our high end appliances were worth every penny in our kitchen remodel. Jay Leno has the same oven. It’s that fabulous.
We totally forgot to take finished pictures! We let her sprinkle one tray, we leave some plain and the other we iced, which are my personal favorites!! They were a huge hit with her teachers and of course a huge hit here at home, too!

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