Cats in Shoes

A little over a week ago we took Lilli to the movies to see Puss in Boots. We’d seen the trailer when we took her to see Lion King and it seemed like the type of thing we’d all enjoy. Her favorite thing about the movies is popcorn, seriously. She LOVES popcorn!! It was a cute movie, it really wasn’t all that funny, but it was good and we all enjoyed it. Definitely not something we’d watch again, but it was good.
She still doesn’t weigh enough to keep the seats down in the theater! She’s about 26 pounds, still wears a 2T in most everything and quite a few 24M pants. Most of her skirts are still 18-24M!
We like to get one of us and the movie poster.
Afterward we went to Petsmart. She always loves a trip to the pet store! I did end up getting most of Pippin’s Christmas gifts so that’s a major win!
Then we went to Michaels to get a few craft items. Daylight Savings Time traps us in the house in the evenings and I’ve found several cute craft things to make on Pinterest so I needed some crafting items. We’ve been doing lots of little Thanksgiving crafts and art projects. She LOVES Michaels. There’s just so many random things to touch there!!

I think she may also be missing a lot of the random samples I used to bring home when I worked in the Retail division, ha!!! Who knows, maybe she will end up with a blend of my analytical skills and Brent’s creative skills and be a future Visual Merchandiser.

I’ll file these pictures away for her future interview at Michaels in 2031.

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