Barbie Girl

We’ve finally hit a very exciting stage – Barbie! A week and a half ago she threw a big fit about leaving school one afternoon because she didn’t want to leave the Barbies she was playing with. She loves playing with the Barbies at school and we didn’t actually have any Barbies so we made a deal that we’d stop on the way home and get her her very own Barbie if she felt that would help her manage the crushing blow of having to go home.
Even Buzz Lightyear the cat is excited about Barbie!
Hopefully Santa can manage to get Barbie a more size appropriate car for Christmas.
Since our “own the way home” stop is just Family Dollar, and their selection was pretty awful we did go to Walmart and let her pick out one more Barbie, so she has a total of three Barbies now. Of course she wanted the one that came with two little dogs and a stroller to push the dogs in. Barbies are so different now with their bendable legs and one of them has bendable feet. Weird.
We may think about starting an allowance soon. She loves to help, with groceries and also with loading the dishwasher every night after dinner. Even though some items end up in some strange spots and I’m pretty sure most every glass will end up being broken it’s awfully hard to refuse someone who is screaming about how much they want to help Mommy.

One more day and then Thanksgiving break time!! We made cute little Thanksgiving cards for her teachers along with some little cookies and “Pilgrim Hats” tonight.

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