Go Fly a Kite!

If you live in the Southeast you know these pictures aren’t from today, they’re from two weeks ago. It was another mild day, and super windy, so we thought we’d get out the Batman kite.For some reason really windy days freak her out and she ends up bawling. It did go better this time than last spring when she melted down while we were flying kites with friends. THAT was embarrassing.

She handled it a lot better this time, but still likes the idea of flying a kite much better than actually doing it. But hitting the swingset at the playground was a much better reaction.
Yup, some of my favorite recent pictures of her and she’s wearing that awful Jasmine dress.

I took a little turn with Batman as we walked back home.
While she napped I made some pumpkin cupcakes and let her do the decorating. This was the one she made for her teacher Mrs Betty. I didn’t think they tasted all that fantastic, so we never sent any to anyone.

Here’s the finished look. For some reason the candy corns just disintegrated in the pumpkin icing and looked awful. The ones with tons of candy corns are ones she made for a couple of little boys in her class (uh-oh). She would tell us who she was decorating each one for…
It’s been a super rainy Sunday here on this particular Sunday, about the opposite of the pretty one from these pictures! It did make for good afternoon naps for all of us, and Buzz Lightyear the cat has been asleep on the porch all day. Poor thing, it sure would be nice if someone (ahem, Brent) would let the poor cat inside for a little while!

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