Chuck E Cheese

About two weeks ago, we met Adam, Julia and Ella at Chuck E Cheese for a little mid-week winter break. Lilli loves the “Cheesus” and was screaming as soon as we pulled into the parking lot and she saw the big sign. Some past visits were back in July, August of 2010, and her very first visit on October 2009. I know we’ve been several more times than that, but I’m way too lazy to figure out where those blog posts may be. Ella was stoked about her first visit to Chuck E. Sadly, the shows are such an afterthought now and they mostly just play cartoons on a sad little TV.
Lilli really wanted to play more games this time than in previous visits. They have a lot of little rides that she really enjoyed when she was younger, but now she’s all about doing things so we ended up with a lot more tickets than in previous trips. Especially since we also had the Wrays scoring us more tickets as well!
Gotta ride the Chuck E Car! This one is cute because it also takes your picture with him and prints it out in black and white.
She loooves the basketball games. She is really going to love one of Santa’s gifts for her!

Since Ella is pretty underage Lilli had to drive the Stuart Little car. This picture just makes me laugh.
And of course we had to squeeze in the photo booth for a memento! This booth is made for two, but we didn’t do half bad getting six people in here!!
At the end of the night Lilli had something like 220 tickets to spend on junk, I mean toys. She got a few things, but the only one she’s actually still playing with is this sticky hand thing.
We had a great time and are looking forward to more winter weeknight playdates with friends!

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