The End of Christmas

Christmas vacation is almost over, it’s back to work and school for us tomorrow, at least for a couple of days. Minus the getting up early and actually having to work part, I think we’re all a little ready to get back in the routine.We had a great Christmas and there’s lots more pictures to come. I doubt I will ever get caught up here, anytime this century. Lilli had a fantastic Christmas and has enjoyed all her new toys and most of them end up in her bed, mysteriously, every night. I think her new Barbie car has been there every night. The new trike is up and down the hallways and the streets of East Nash daily, and she’s worked a billion puzzles and played with Barbie from sun up to sun down.
We spent the last day of our vacation at the Opryland Hotel checking out the lights and Shrek stuff. I think she’s probably a year too young for Ice, she whines about being cold when it’s 60 degrees outside so I think she’d be pitiful. Particularly considering the price. Since we always park for free at Opryland (we laugh at people who pay $18 to park, seriously people!!! That’s ridiculous) besides lunch we just sprang for a ride on the “River”. It was really a lot of fun and Lilli was still free. Score!
She loved it, although she most certainly did not pose for our camera shot. She was amused and we clearly felt no obligation to buy it.
More pictures and tales from the last of our break to come, not the least of which will be the tale of the horrible hour we spent crammed in line to get “free” seats to the Holiday Shrektacular.
But our seats were totally worth it!!!!

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