Baking Christmas Cookies

The last full weekend before Christmas we made our annual batch of Christmas cookies and all kinds of treats for our friends and of course Santa. We started doing this in 2009, kept it going in 2010, and this year she pretty much did everything herself! The goal is to get (at least) one great picture each year to frame in the kitchen. So lighting and the “scene” is taken very seriously!The finished product:
We make sugar cookies for pretty much every holiday, so she knows exactly how to roll them, flour it out, etc. I usually make the dough the evening before and keep it in the fridge until we use it the next day. It really needs to get fairly stiff, especially with my little “helper” pounding on it so much. Otherwise it gets warmed up too fast and the shapes won’t stay formed.

When it starts getting a little too soft I stiffen it up with flour. My assistant looooves to sprinkle and spray some flour all over the place.

Poking finger in the dough also = fun.
Anytime she’s concentrating her tongue it out. It’s hilarious. I even noticed it in some class pictures they posted of their latest lessons in Cooking. They’ve been making all kinds of treats at school – yogurt Popsicles, individual pizzas, pigs in a blanket, cinnamon twists, and more! She has loved this learning module.

These little hands are so cute. I think also want to frame in a triptych her hands year over year. Little hands are just so cute, it also reminds me of Becky’s recent post about hands!

If this were a recording it would pretty much read “I do it all myself” about a hundred times. And she did.

She’s moved to more of a “less is more” attitude with the sprinkles. And she’d rather eat them anyway.
But she will share. Only if she can feed them to you one by one.

I’m not sure if we ever got any final pictures of the iced ones, but I know in my next collection of photogs we got some of them all boxed up and ready to go out to people!

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