Birdseed Crafts

Here’s a pic of one of our cookie boxes ready to be delivered – We made marshmallow fudge, stuffed Snickers cookies, and sugar cookies. We also did Puppy Chow in little treat bags. We gave away tons of cookies to church teachers, school teachers, coworkers, etc.

For her classmates, I wanted a fun little craft that would give them something to do over the holidays. I found this birdseed craft on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect. It takes a while for them to dry, so we did them on Sunday afternoon after church before nap. Not ideal timing.
She started out pretty strong helping me stir it all up, and then she remembered her boo-boo finger. And sadly she could no longer be of help to me.
You mix bird seed up with a few different things and then spoon it into cookie cutters and level it out. We let her pick out all the various shapes she wanted to do.
When she got bored she went and found bubbles. And proceeded to blow them in my face while I did her project. Just a sign of all the homework I will complete in the future, no doubt.

You also poke part of a straw through so you can have something to hang ribbon through in order to hang your ornament outside for the birdies.
They dry in the cookie cutters for a few hours and then on wax paper overnight.
The next night I filled a Ziploc baggies with some ribbon paper and decorated it with some stickers and included a note telling them what to do with it. I think they turned out really adorable! She got to put them in each friend’s cubby the next day and pick one out for herself.
She came home with the firetruck and we put it out for the birds. By birds I mainly mean the squirrels made off with it, but we still had a lot of fun putting it out and watching them try to figure out how to nab it!

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