The best way to jinx your weekend is to mention how nice it is to not really have anything planned. A nice, quiet weekend with some good time to get things reorganized upstairs, tossed out to Goodwill and get my new workout equipment moved up there so I don’t have to fold it up and move it around each night.A weekend with no birthday parties, or obligations or major errands. Even the fun things can just be a bit tiring.
Poor Pippin even gets worn out from all the activities of the Christmas season. So tired that he doesn’t even notice a roll of paper jammed in his jaw when it’s bedtime.
(This is the modern adaptation of the Nativity Scene. No where in the Bible does it say that the stable wasn’t in the middle of a busy train station depot. Or that Santa was not also in attendance.)
So imagine our delight when I sent Brent into the laundry room tonight to change out a lightbulb and he comes running back into the kitchen telling me the washer is smoking. Apparently either the belt or motor has died because it is no longer spinning and the thing was filling our laundry room with heavy smoke. Luckily I had sent him in there for the lightbulb problem, and it’s also a good thing we were awake – most of the time I have laundry going when we go to bed, it’s just the most convenient time to get things done.
Our set is exactly 13 years old this weekend, so we’ve certainly gotten our moneys worth out of them. And I’ve been absolutely lusting over a stackable washer/dryer set ever since we moved in this closet deficient house.

So you can cross laundry off my weekend to do list, and add washer repair/shopping instead. Maybe next weekend we will have an empty to-do list.

*Yes, most of these pictures are from before Christmas.

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