Appliance Love

Good old Buzz Lightyear is still around and loving life on the front porch. The new bed Santa brought him encourages him to sleep in later each morning than anyone else in this house.Saturday morning we went shopping for a new washer and dryer. We decided to go ahead and get a set since the dryer was also 13 years old. We went to Home Depot first and looked at the LGs. The salesman was super nice, but I also wanted to see Samsung so we went to Lowes. I can’t stand Best Buy, and Sears is so run down we decided we were really only interested in our two home-away-from-homes, the mega home improvement stores.
Of course we wanted to make sure they had plenty of buttons to keep Lilli entertained.
The salesguy at Lowes was pretty much terrible and didn’t engage us much at all (we were about 30 seconds from leaving because no one had even offered to help us when he did wander up), and for the price I was going to go back to HD for the LGs, until I asked if there were any clearance ones and we found this steam dryer – regularly $1300 on markdown with additional discounts for $600! That’s a lot cheaper than the regular mid-range dryers, so we got that one and then a fancy steam washer. The pair ended up costing us less than a pair of mid-range Samsung or LGs would have. So, even though we would’ve rather bought from the nicer guy at HD,Lowes got our business this time.
The washer, which is what we really need, won’t be in until Friday so everything is set to be delivered on Saturday. In the meantime, Brent is wishing I had asked his mother to buy him some underwear for Christmas. Lilli on the other hand, could go until early summer and not run out of things to wear. I may get low on socks, but we should be fine. There’s just going to be a LOT of laundry to do this weekend. A LOT. My guess would be 8-9 loads. That should help us determine pretty quickly if we like the new set up!

We spent the rest of Saturday dragging the broken washer off to the curb, where someone (prob a junk dealer) gobbled it up. Since we always have mice issues Brent re-did some things in the laundry closet area with drywall and mud and the whole thing got a very nice cleaning. I can’t wait until my new stackables arrive for all the new space I will have in that closet for hanging and organizing cleaning materials!
Can you guess what the top and bottom pictures have in common? Each of our pets are featured and in the top one Lilli has her University of Memphis pajamas on and in the bottom one she’s smothering Pippin with her University of Memphis pom-pom.

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