Lilli Gift Guide 2012

Here’s a few gift guide ideas for the family members asking about Lilli’s birthday:

Fisher Price In Line Skates – They have some of these at school and I think she’d really enjoy getting to roller skate at home, too.

I saw several new Ariel things at the store the other day, she would love all of these – Ariel is hands down her favorite princess and she’s asking for a Little Mermaid Party:

Ariel Bath Castle, Ariel Wedding Set, Ariel Bath Doll, Ariel Princess Doll, Ariel and Friends Gift Set, another Ariel bath set. I’ve seen most of these at Walmart.

Jasmine is her second favorite princess and you hardly ever see anything Jasmine in the store – here’s a Barbie, and a little play set. She would love those.

I found her a little set of alphabet cards that show you the lines to trace on top of the letters with a dry erase pen and she absolutely loves it. We play with it every night for a while and she’s doing a great job writing the letters. I think she’d really enjoy this set for numbers, or any other set of dry erase learning activity. Any other sticker books, or coloring/art activities would be great. She’s really loving the “magic” coloring princess marker set Aunt Becky got her for Christmas at church. She loves drawing and making cards, so any of the art activities like Michaels has are always a lot of fun for her.

She would love this princess storybook, or anything like it.

We now have a ton of Barbies, so she really doesn’t need any Barbies. Some of the other accessories would be fine though – clothes for Barbie to wear, the Barbie pool or other accessories. I also got her a storage box for her Barbies so we don’t need that anymore. All the shoes and pieces everyone were driving me nuts so we have that under control.

More puzzles – she has already torn through all the 24 piece ones she got for Christmas. I’m guessing she’s ready for 36 or 48 piece puzzles now?

“Smelly” markers – I had found her 2 stinky ones on clearance after Halloween and she loves figuring out the smells.

Zoo tickets, ITunes Gift Cards for her apps (she has a ton of apps on our phones she loves to play – she just loves games already. Tonight she wanted to play her Elmo game on our computer while I cooked dinner instead of getting her nightly TV time!, Movie tickets since we take her about once a month now, or other tickets to things around town since we like to be out and about!

Anything from the Disney store online – tons of princess clothes, toys and so on from there and we don’t really shop there so the only thing she has is the personalized Ariel blanket. This girl LOVES all her princesses so much! She’s constantly telling me we’re going to visit Cinderella’s castle when she’s older. I tend to buy her size 3T in most things now, the pants fit better in a 2T though. She still wears a decent amount of 18-24 month pants, too! But generally for dresses and tops I’ve moved up to 3T. Size 7 shoe, and size 24M sock.

I think that should just about sum it up and give plenty of options!

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