Pre-Christmas Activities

The week of Christmas Lilli had lots of present-opening to do!

Stephanie came by to bring Lilli her Christmas presents. We haven’t had a sitter since we went to Wicked in October – the holidays are just too busy for us to go out alone, but she’s coming over one night next week to play with Lilli. Not only does she spoil Lilli, but she’s the ONLY person besides us and Santa who got Pippin anything for Christmas. Poor guy, and he had such a rough year!Everyone was excited about the new Cinderella Barbie! She also got her a book and stuffed dolphin.

And then she pretty much unwrapped all of our gifts to Stephanie for her!
One of my coworker’s little girls picked out the Wizard of Oz for Lilli. We watched it that night and she loved it, so we’ve been playing with lots of WoOz books and toys since then.
One of the days I was off I took her out to Brent’s office to visit. It’s probably been about a year and a half since she’s been there. She was underwhelmed except for the one office where someone had lots of singing Christmas toys. She did make out with several pieces of candy from a few people.
We went out to the pizza buffet for lunch with Brent. More underwhelming.
That night when we went to church Pippin got a little Satan in him and ripped into several presents and ate some fancy soup mix intended for Brent’s mom. Powder and noodles were everywhere. He also opened two blankets and a candle.
Unfortunately this was about one day before we were headed to exchange gifts with them so we wrapped up a box of Ramen noodles for her, printed out this picture and told her Pippin was to blame. Maybe now I understand why he didn’t end up on anyone else’s Christmas list.

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