The Muffits

While I was off for a few days before Christmas I decided to take Lilli to another “big movie”. She had really enjoyed The Lion King and Puss in Boots, so I had thought about just us girls going to see a matinee one day while Brent was at work. Earlier in the week I had noticed Happy Feet Two was still playing, so I told her we’d go see that only to notice that morning that it wasn’t playing anymore. So we ended up seeing The Muppets remake. I think she was always a little disappointed it wasn’t the penguins.It was the first movie of the day, so we had a great parking spot, no lines, and nice seats since it had already been out a little while. She really just wants popcorn so she’s easy to please! She had to go to the bathroom twice, and I think the story was a little over her head. I had a bad cold/cough before Christmas so I didn’t feel so hot myself. I thought the movie was really pretty cute, and if you ask her she’ll tell you she liked it but her summary was that “The Muffits were sad and liked to sing and dance”. She does get excited anytime she sees Kermit or one of the Muppets on TV or in the store, I just think some of the cartoon ones appeal to her a little more. And she’s so light she doesn’t keep the seat down so it was a little uncomfortable for me being the only one with her to keep her from folding up. Ha!
We always find the poster to take her picture with it. It’s just a tradition we started with her first “big movie”. I don’t know if we’ll ever do anything with them but it’s a must have! She saw the Penguins poster and was still pretty set on seeing them.
Since it was just us girls this was the best I ever got with her and the poster!
Later that afternoon I had her help me make sausage balls for our family Christmas exchange. She loves to help in the kitchen and had a blast squishing it all around.

Our new washer/dryer should FINALLY be delivered tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed! We’re down to beach towels for showering and Lilli has practically no normal colored tights left to wear. I don’t even want to think about Brent’s underwear situation. There’s going to be a LOT of laundry going on here tomorrow night!

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