Isn’t she lovely?

This afternoon about 1 o’clock this beauty rolled up in front of our house and pretty much blocked the street off:It took them two and a half hours to set it all up! WoW! We were very glad it had free delivery and installation, because MAN, it would have been tough for the two of us to get all this installed. Especially the stacking of the pieces within the closet. There were three guys doing it and they were all sweaty and one got scraped up somehow. Since they are the top of line steam washer and dryers, both units hook up to the water, and it makes them both a lot heavier.
My junior assistant greatly enjoys helping load the washer and watching everything spin around and around. We actually all enjoy watching! There are so many bells and whistles on these things, and it plays a song when it’s done. Those crazy Chinese really know how to make us feel fancy!
I don’t think this really captures the extent of laundry that had piled up. It had been 17 days since our last wash. AAAAH. I think I’ll have about 10 loads. That should break the girls in nicely.
So far so good! I’m about 5 loads in now and have our top priorities done. They don’t match in color because the platinum was a floor model and was 70% off, there was no way we were going to pay an extra $200 for a platinum upgrade for the washer. It is so strange, because now it takes about an hour for a load to wash and only 20 minutes to dry because of the difference in top loading and front loading washers and dryers. I’m also excited about all the energy efficiencies, they should only cost about $11/year to operate! I LOVE all the extra space we have now, and we also installed a broom hanger to the left for my Shark Mop, broom and swiffer, and on the far right a hanger for ironing board and iron.

The broken washer was put on the curb by us last week and someone grabbed it (probably for parts to sell/scrap) and we gave the dryer to Shannon. They’re in an apartment that shares one washer and has no dryer (for four apartments). They also have a little three month old baby, so they were very excited to have it (for free!). And we were excited to pass it on to someone who really needs it and can use it. Upgrades all around!

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