How talented is our little munchkin??Most of the time she draws more “sticks” than her name actually is, but tonight she was one stick short. And her little people pictures just crack me up, but I think she’s incredibly talented for her age. She always draws arms, legs, eyes, nose and mouth. The curve above the eyes is hair. Pippin also gets pointy ears and Buzz gets a long tail. She’s drawn several of each of us on high quality paper we’re going to frame.

Just been a busy week without much time to blog. Ten loads of laundry between Sunday and Monday kept me really busy and Tuesday night Stephanie came over to play with Lilli so Brent and I could have a much needed date night. I can’t believe it had been our first night out since October! We’re always so busy we don’t even seem to notice so it’s good for us to schedule something with her once a month. We went out to dinner and got some final stuff bought for the goodie bags (or should I say goodie pails!) for her birthday party next week. I think she’s going to have such a cute party with her Little Mermaid theme.

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