Christmas #1

Yup, still talking about Christmas. Almost a month later. Better late than never, right??

On Friday the 23rd we went down to Hohenwald to celebrate Christmas with our families. The kids were busy playing on all the Ipads, specifically the Charlie Brown Christmas app that day. She’s only seen Charlie Brown stuff a couple of times, but for some reason she really likes him.The kids couldn’t wait for lunch so they got to eat a little earlier than the rest of us. Christmas and presents is just too much anticipation. Somehow Brent failed to get a picture of his mom’s industrial sized Crock Pot appliance.
We did tapas again, or as some people would say “finger foods”. Afterwards it was present time and Lilli really racked up. She wanted to open the biggest one of hers first – her new trike! She loves it and rides it all over the house. It is a pretty far walk from her room to the bathroom.

Pretty much everything received the big “wow” face this year!
And then of course the “concentration face”. Ken is always the passenger in Barbie’s car.
She and Madison had a great time playing Barbies after all the unwrapping was done.
The Bobsy twins (our moms) did it again – coordinating sweater vests.
Grandma and Grandpa had lots of fun putting together the trike. For some reason she can just peddle it so much more easily than her regular upright trike.
We had a great Christmas with the family and all came home with lots of goodies we’ve been enjoying for the last month!

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