Christmas Eve!

Get ready for a lot of pictures!!! I am trying (although it’s never going to happen) to get caught up before the big birthday next week and the upcoming party of the century.

Christmas Eve morning we got up and had a good breakfast – bacon and the little Christmas pancakes using the new pan that Mom got me for Christmas. So cute!! Next year we’ll really get a lot of use out of it leading up to Christmas.Lilli had wanted to save our leftover popcorn from seeing the Muppets a few days earlier. We never ate any of it so we tossed it out in the front yard for the birds.
Mostly squirrels ate it, we don’t have a lot of birds around this winter. The fuzzy white animal behind Lilli may be one reason we’re short on birds.

Christmas Eve treats for old Buzzy.
Later that day we made a Gingerbread House. I’d gotten a kit on clearance the day before at Kroger. We’ve actually never made one before, it’s just never been something I’ve gotten excited about. Her primary objective was eating icing.

Some decoration did actually make it on the gingerbread house.
Our finished house. Of course the candy gingerbread man was broken before it was ever time to glue him to the house. He didn’t stand a chance with Lilli and our stone countertops.
That night we watched Polar Express. It was the first time any of us had seen it and it was such a cute movie. That might be a new Christmas Eve tradition. Since it was a holiday we fired up my big popcorn popper. I have to admit, I love watching it too!
It is a little frightening when they all start popping and flying around!

Oh yes, I even have fancy popcorn boxes. We don’t play in this house.
The main tree
After we watched our movie I had ordered (for free) one of the little North Pole Santa things where he tells her to go to bed and says a few things about her. She thought it was hilarious every time Santa said her name and would ask if he was talking about her. Ha!
They even talk about what she has asked Santa for.
We got our cookies ready for Santa, and she also wanted to leave him some of our popcorn.

The annual leaving cookies for Santa pic. This year we even had a stocking for Buzz.
She was not about to let Pippin get any of Santa’s goodies. He got pulled by the collar out of the room.
And then she wanted the gate up.
Of course WE wanted our traditional Pippin getting into everything shot, so when she wasn’t looking we let him in for a minute.

Lilli’s tree. Full of Disney and princesses, and some Star Wars people.
Reading Twas the Night Before Christmas.
And from there it was time for her to go to bed and for Santa’s elves to get busy on putting together trampolines and basketball goals and everything else!

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