Christmas Day

Lilli’s been waking up a little early (about 7) so Christmas morning we set our alarm a little before then so we wouldn’t miss her reaction! I’ve posted some pictures from Christmas already, but I think all of these pictures with presents are new.

Excited to see all her fun stuff! I think she was still a bit confused as to where all this “stuff” came from. But she did pick right up on that Santa had eaten all the cookies and milk.She and Pippin checking out their loot. Of course he left BOTH of them goodies at the fireplace.

Lilli and her new dog “white Pippin” jumping in the trampoline that now dominates our living room. Can’t wait for summer to get that thing outside! But she loves it and it gives her a good place to get rid of some of her energy this winter.
We had to take Buzz his new gifts, too. Santa left him a new bed for the front porch that he absolutely loves!
One of her favorite gifts was this embroidered blanket from Disney store that Brent found on a deal site.
It had to be tried out immediately!
For our main gifts, Brent got me a towel warmer – he knows I like all things at a balmy 80 degrees, and this one works great! I throw my towel and pajamas in there every morning while I shower and they’re warm and toasty when I get out. I got Brent a cappuccino/espresso machine. He’s become quite the barista since Christmas and it’s nice to have no inclination to buy a $4 cappuccino at the coffee houses. We never did it much, but it’s still a savings!
For Christmas lunch we skipped the turkey this year. We were all turkeyed out from a million formal dinners during the holiday season, so instead we made chicken fettuccine Alfredo, sauteed green beans and fresh salad. Yummy and delicious!
Christmas day was SO pretty that we spent a lot of the afternoon outside. Lilli rode her new trike all over the neighborhood. She’s really into her shadow right now. Sometimes she’ll run outside just to see it.

We shot some hoops with her new basketball goal. We’ve all been enjoying it!
And that was our Christmas day! Nice and low-key, with beautiful weather for playing outside!

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