Birthday Week. It’s Better than Shark Week.

Birthday week is in full swing here in our house! Lilli had a fantastic birthday yesterday. Both sets of her grandparents came and went to Chuck E Cheese with us. It was really nice because there were hardly any kids there during the day so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.We came back to our house and had cake and opened lots of presents.

And today was another big day for her celebrating at school! We brought cupcakes in the afternoon and she got a BIG surprise. TWO surprises, actually!

Her two favorite princesses in all the world came to surprise her and sing to the class! They were absolutely fantastic, and watching her little jaw drop when they came in the room and asked where the birthday girl Lilli was was completely priceless. The whole school was a buzz and a lot of the older kids were watching and came to listen in their classroom as well. Lots and lots more picture and video from these fun days to come.

But for now there’s one more HUGE party on Saturday to get ready for! Goodie baskets and all the goodies that will be going in them are in full swing. And on Saturday afternoon you’d better believe I’ll be taking a very good nap!

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