New Years Eve and Day

The biggest event on New Years Eve was Lilli’s first haircut. We’ve had such a mild winter that afterwards we grilled out some hot dogs and we all sat outside on her little table and ate. She always thinks it’s hilarious when we sit at her table or use her plates.We spent the rest of the afternoon outside as well and passed on nap time. Lilli helped Brent trim some trees and hedges.
She swept the porch for me.
And she worked on her artwork. She loves drawing people right now and her people are hilarious. She can also write her name and several other letters (like A, M, F). I think in another month or two she’ll really be writing quite a bit.
On New Years Day, after church it was so bright and sunny, and I just love this little dress so much (another great Le Top consignment find for $6!) that we decided to try and get some pics for her birthday party invitation. As always she was in a mood so her deal was she could have a banana if we could have pictures. If you’ve seen the invitation here are some of the pics we didn’t use! I’ll have to get Brent to fuzz out our email/phone before I post the final invitation cut from this year.
We were really trying to get good jump pictures of her.

She isn’t scared in the least about jumping full out!
For our anniversary dinner we kept it low key and stuck to our traditional Blue Coast Burrito. We all love burritos.
When we got in “Santa” aka Mom and Dad, had dropped off some things from Bruce and Suzy. Some hand me downs from Kacey and some Christmas presents from them. Lilli truly believe Buzz left these things for her since they were all cozied around his bed and he was right in there asleep!
That face just cracks me up!!If you look close you’ll notice Buzz curled up in his bed – parallel to Lilli’s cheek! She’s had a lot of fun with the Barbies and with the vanity.

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