Dressing Up

These pics are all from the weekend of January 21st and 22nd.

Some friends from church had us over for dinner that Saturday night for Lilli to play with their kiddos. Their little boy is almost 4 and their little girl turned 2 in December, so Lilli plays great with both of them. They ran around the house chasing monsters and playing with flashlights and had a blast. This is the picture Brent got, right before we were leaving and she had found an unattended Ipad. The kid loves technology. Many more fits are had over our phones, Kindle and computer than the TV.On that Sunday she wore her birthday dress. I want Brent to piece together a triptych for me since this will be the last year she can wear it (it’s getting tight in the arm holes). Here she is wearing it at age one, two and then three below. One of the biggest changes each year is just the length/thickness of her hair!!
Some friends at church (Ella’s family) brought us two HUGE bags of all kinds of dress up clothes and other princess toy hand-me-downs. It was SO sweet of them and Lilli has had a blast playing with everything. (On a side note, this week we are purging and packing her room. Between birthdays and Christmas there is WAY too much junk in there and we are clearing it OUT this week.) Of course she loved the Little Mermaid dress.
The Sleeping Beauty dress is SO nice. There were probably close to a dozen different dresses/costumes in the bags. She’d put each one on them hop down the hall and check herself out in our bathroom mirrors. This bounce ball is easily the favorite gift she’s gotten this year!
I think we may try hosting a little princess dress up tea party sometime in the next month or two to enjoy the outfits.
In the Barbie bride dress:
The ballerina tu-tu. This one actually gets worn on top of her clothes a LOT.
That weekend she also got to go out and visit the shut-ins during church as part of the Kids program. They’ll take a little group of kids (usually split between boys and girls) and go visit an elderly person and hear a little Bible story or something else they want to share. I heard that on the way over she and Zach were singing the whole time and being hilarious – and as soon as they walked in the two of them wouldn’t say a word and the other little girl (Madisyn) had fallen asleep in the car and slept through the whole thing. I bet it was hilarious but made that elderly lady’s day.
Of course her big crush Johnathon was probably just happy he didn’t have to go the same house she did!

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  1. wow…cute dress . i like it.

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