Happy Birthday Brayden!

On our birthday party marathon Saturday on the 18th, our second party of the day was down in Brentwood at Shipwrecked Playhouse. The day actually worked out quite well for us, Ella’s party was from 11-1, we ran home and Lilli had a nap, and then Brayden’s party was from 4-6. Brayden is one of Lilli’s school friends. He is quite the character, always quick to make sure she knows I have arrived and he is certainly one of the “livelier” ones who I see sitting in the “special thinking spot” quite a bit.

Shipwrecked Playhouse is an indoor play-place, great for the preschool set with the play kitchens, dress up clothes, dolls, trains and other smaller toys. I also like that they don’t have open play during party times, so it’s just the party kids there playing together.
She remembered it from Finn’s party a couple of months ago as soon as we got there. She immediately wanted to put on one of the dress up dresses.
For me, the highlight of the party was when Sebastian (the little boy in the middle) ran up to birthday boy Brayden and took his special pirate hat and just started running as fast as he could. You can imagine that didn’t sit well with Brayden and he took off after him and tackled him to get it back. I was very glad my child had no part of the situation.
Brayden’s cake
The birthday boy blowing out his candle. I think he blew it out about three different times while we were singing to him!
They had the little blowy things on all the tables. That would be my child repeatedly blowing it in Elizabeth’s mom’s face. Over and over. And that would be my husband just taking pictures of everything happening and not telling her to stop.
Oh yes, pretty sure she saw Brent taking pictures.
And then they hit the motherload! Underneath the slide they have a television! What in the world??? All those things to do and they have to stick a TV in there! One of the kid’s older brothers was tall enough to turn it on, so for much of the rest of the party they were under there watching some cartoon.
Happy third birthday Brayden!

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