Lilli recently transitioned up to the three year old room at her daycare. One of the things they get to do is have Show and Tell on Wednesdays. They can bring a toy from home to show their friends, but they have to be willing to share it with their friends all day. For her first show and tell she wanted to bring these cards. I have no clue why, we only play with them occasionally and they’re really a somewhat awful free sample mock-up I got from work. But she was as proud as a peacock to take them! Last week she took her new Build A Bear and tomorrow she’s planning to take her Lorax stuffed animal. The pretty afternoons are just made for the playground.
On the 24th at our monthly divisional meeting we had Chicago Bears “Izzy” come and speak to us. He’s one of our business partners (he’s in the communion cup manufacturing business….) and he spoke about his faith and his football career. He seemed like a great guy and he does a lot for the Chicago community as well as all sorts of other charities. We had a photo opp time period built into the meeting so Shelley and I posed for a picture with him. In a couple of weeks at our next meeting we have the Carpenters coming to speak with us. Their book, that we publish, is still the #1 book on the New York Times!
I rejoiced when I saw a new pair of “sparkle” shoes on Zulily one day. She rejoiced when they arrived in the mail. Although I am not sure they go with onesie pajamas.
Fashion is not her strong suit. Sometimes we (literally) let her pick what she wants to wear, from top to bottom. On this Saturday, the 25th of February, all she wanted to wear was a swimsuit and flip flops. It was not a warm Saturday. But, in the spirit of letting her make choices, she got to wear it and never once said she was cold. She is dying for it to be summertime (and pool time) and asked very politely if she put a sweater on if we could get in the pool. Good logic.
The only outing we had that day was to the organic grocery for more coffee. That’s a fantastic Saturday since we normally have so many things going on! So, we just put a top and tights on under the swimsuit and off she went.
How cute did her new kitchen turn out? That will have to a post all by itself – we took a clearance custom cabinet from Lowes and built her own kitchen. We got a faucet from the Habitat restore, dropped in a sink (aka a bowl) from the kitchen supply store, and by flipping the cabinet doors gave her an oven we lined with metal sheeting and even put in an oven rack (spray painted closet shelving.) I’ll do some detailed pictures of it later. And it was WAY cheaper than similar Pottery Barn stuff.
Tinkerbell movie night. Pippin was unimpressed.
Don’t criticize where she stores her Tinkerbell.
Just a few pics from our normal times around the house and office. Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Amber says:

    That picture on the swing is beautiful, and I love that kitchen cabinet. I can't wait for the tutorial.

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